The raw of nature

An icecold oasis

There are yet places in the world where man is not superior; like rock-hard white deserts abandoned by the sun, where harsh winds and freezing temperatures minimize your chances of survival. Where your own courage and adaptability determine your right to live.

Svalbard is such a place. The northernmost habited island in the world, and a final frontier for the most enduring of species. A world frozen in time, sustained by mutual respect and symbiosis between man and animal – all at the mercy of the elements. A haven for those who live to disprove that which seems impossible. Where seeds of seeking the essence will blossoming to magnificence.

This raw, unforgiving nature is what inspires us – this solitary place at the top of the world where we’ve made our brewery, our home. Our beer is improbable, unlikely – and quite unlike any other beer in the world.


Make a move

It’s part of human nature to always push further – to run a little faster, or throw a little further. To solve a yet unsolved problem, or invent something brand new. To settle, build and expand where no one has before.

It took some large snowballs to establish a brewery at the top of the world. An idea not spawned out of necessity, but rather our inherent drive to always push further, and do something that’s never even been attempted.

In 2007, Robert and Anne Grete Johansen came up with a pretty wild idea. Four years later, our brewery was established in Longyearbyen, and by August 2015 the first draft had found its way to store shelves. Today our beer is enjoyed by explorers from all over the world.

A message in a bottle

Svalbard Brewery is more than a symbol of change. It’s a beacon shining out from the top of the world, as Svalbard has developed from a desolate land of opportunity to an international center for science and knowledge. A global lighthouse working for a deeper understanding of how climate change and space exploration will affect life on our planet going forward, and how we can make wiser choices about the future.

We are proud to be a part of that story, sending a message in a bottle for the world to discover. To draw attention to a lively yet vulnerable corner of the planet in our own way. Because there is far more to be an explorer than to simply explore.


The people