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Surrounded by ice – at the tip of The North Pole – a beer is brewed. Inspired by the Northern Lights, enriched by ancient Arctic minerals and 2000-year-old glaciers, the Svalbard Brewery beer embodies the spirit of an explorer. There are wonders to be discovered.

Born to change

The founders of Svalbard Brewery, Robert and Anne Grete Johansen, had a vision – to share a taste of the northernmost settlement in the world. And what better way is there to do so, than to share what you love the most; a pure Norwegian Arctic beer.

Photo by Knut Åserud

The surrounding ice makes Svalbard only reachable by boat in summer – enough time to bring the goods in, and the beer out. Then, the temperature drops below zero, the sun sets, and everything is covered in the darkness of winter once again. Only a faint orange glow remains, cast from the windows of the brewery, powered by its own sustainable energy and love of the Arctic.


Made to inspire

Founding a brewery in such a cold, unforgiving place – made only possible by strong will and a vision – is a truly remarkable story. Svalbard Brewery has no counterpart in the world. A beer born to prove the impossible possible. A beer born to be an explorer. Born to bring you along.