Spitsbergen Weissbier

Spitsbergen Weissbier

‪Based on German traditions of mixing at least 50 % wheat to barley malt, this is a light colored top-fermented beer. Adding to the ancient wheat beer tradition, it makes sense to use ancient glacier water from Bogerbreen.

Bitterness Pretty little
Sweetness Pretty much
Fruitiness Very much

Perfect with

Pasta, omelette, shellfish and fruit


Class D | Vol: 5,5%


330 ml Cans and 30 liter Key kegs


Water (of which 16% glacier water), malt, hops & yeast.

Hops: Germany (Hallentauer Mittelfrü, Tettnang)
Malt: Finland (Vikingmalt)
Yest: Weissbier yeast (Germany)